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We have the ear of politicians and the media

The AIANZ has regular engagement with Ministers and MPs that have an interest in aviation matters. We meet with the Minister of Transport and other Cabinet members whose portfolios interact with our sector and we are always keeping Opposition MPs aware of our priorities.

As the voice of the industry, AIANZ is the first port of call from media for the aviation industry. We present a collective view on the issues that matter for our members.

Simon Wallace, Chief Executive of the AIANZ is the principal spokesperson and can be contacted on 0274 607701 or email Simon Wallace.

Networking EVENTS

We offer regular networking events, be they webinars, in person forums like our Senior Persons’ workshops and our annual Conference, the showcase event for the sector. These events not only inform our members but bring the sector to collaborate and share ideas. See our Conference and Events page.

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Supporting our members’ businesses

Improving the environment for our members is at the heart of what we do. Aside from influencing policy, we keep members informed and in touch with developments in aviation, we help them with trouble shooting and putting them in touch with people who can help and through our provider agreements we offer buying privileges that save members money.

we build connections  with GOVERNMENT agencies

The AIANZ is well linked with the agencies that make a difference in aviation, the CAA, the Ministry of Transport, and several others that are important to our work and the interests of the sector. We know the right people to contact to head off a problem or progress an issue.

Why aviation is critical?

Key numbers in New Zealand aviation

Aviation’s vital role 

Government influence 

Impact of regulations 


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Thank you for organising the senior person workshop. I had my senior person interview for Flight operations manager at Skyline aviation on Tuesday and I believe this course was a big part of helping me to be successful in the interview.
Outside of that it was great to be in the room with a bunch of different people in the industry who have either been in these roles or hold these roles currently and being able to bounce ideas off of them.

-Ryan Adams, Skyline Aviation