Aviation Industry Association statement on LATAM Airlines Sydney to Auckland flight

LATAM Airlines aircraft similar to the flight which landed at Auckland Airport (source: istock.com)

“The Aviation Industry Association’s thoughts are first and foremost with the passengers and crew who were on board last night’s LATAM Airlines flight from Sydney to Auckland.

Clearly an investigation will now take place to determine the cause and as the aircraft concerned is Chilean registered the responsibility for that investigation rests with Chilean authorities.

It is also likely the investigation will be supported by Boeing since the LATAM plane was a 787. Naturally, there will be speculation as to the cause of last night’s incident, but it is important for a robust investigation to take place and return its findings in due course.

While events like last night are rare in aviation, it is a timely reminder of the importance for passengers of following all safety instructions from their airline, such as wearing safety belts when seated”.”



Editor note: The Aviation Industry Association is the peak membership body for commercial aviation in New Zealand. For all media enquiries, please contact Simon Wallace, CEO, using our contact form.


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