Aviation New Zealand Newsletter 08 December, 2023

In This Newsletter:

  • Policy and Advocacy
  • International Student Visa Applications
  • Fees Free Policy
  • Aviation Healthcare Behaviour – Survey
  • UAVNZ AGM and update
  • Savings in N3 – continued

Policy and Advocacy

District and Regional Plans – Wairarapa this week

The important work on District and Regional Plans continued this week with submissions lodged to the Wairarapa Council on behalf of NZAAA and NZHA. You can refer to the details of the NZAAA submission here. NZHA will circulate its submission shortly.

The policy and advocacy work being undertaken by our Executive Officers Tony Michelle and Richard Milner, on your behalf, is critical to the ongoing operation of member businesses. We must be at the table and ensure our voice is heard with the work benefitting not only the NZAAA and NZHA but also the wider aviation sector.

There are many aviation operators outside the Aviation New Zealand membership that are helped by our efforts, and it is important that we all promote the value of this advocacy and encourage non-members to come on board and support the association.

International Student Visa Applications

We are hearing from members in our Training and Development division of significant delays in the processing of international student visa applications, sometimes more than six weeks. Aviation New Zealand has taken this matter up with Immigration New Zealand (INZ) and we are also writing to the new Minister of Immigration, who is also Minister of Education, Hon Erica Stanford. 

Between 1 January and the end of November this year, the average processing time for international students enrolled to train at flight training schools in New Zealand was anywhere between 11 and 30 working days. We acknowledge INZ’s resource limitations, but this is coming at the expense of the valuable international student market at a time when the country is open for business after the pandemic. Our competitor countries are processing visas much more quickly than we are, which is why we are taking these matters to Erica Stanford. 

INZ has told us that queries on the status of individual student applications should go to their Contact Centre open from 06:00 to 22:00 Monday to Friday (NZT) excluding New Zealand public holidays. Details can be found on the INZ website. There is also an Education Provider mailbox for complex questions or scenarios.

As a last resort, having exhausted the above channels, you can call Chief Executive Simon Wallace at Aviation New Zealand who will elevate your issue to a senior INZ official in Wellington. We will not get involved in the merits of the case but will put you in touch with the right people.

Fees Free Policy

The association has received several calls this week from members about the Coalition Government’s changes to the Fees Free policy for tertiary training that has moved from the first to the third year of study. Given aviation courses are mostly less than three years, it is our understanding from having to talked to officials this week, that Fees Free will apply to industry training in the last year of training. However, any student that has undertaken a previous course of study and received Fees Free will be ineligible.
Meantime, our letter to Erica Stanford will also be raising historical issues relating to student loan caps that disadvantage aviation as well as overall caps of EFTS training in the sector.

Aviation Healthcare Behaviour – Survey

Those of you who attended Conference in August will have heard the interesting presentation from Herwin Bongers, a 787 pilot for Air New Zealand. As part of his Master’s thesis at Massey University, Herwin is exploring the healthcare behaviours of licensed aviation personnel in New Zealand.

Herwin has asked Aviation New Zealand if we would socialise his work and seek the participation of members in his survey, which we are of course very happy to do.

The attached paper here provides a QR code that you can scan to download the survey and we encourage our members, if they have time, to complete the survey which is open to the end of January. 

The health and wellbeing of not only pilots, but other aviation personnel, is a critical issue that we all need to talk more about and this work by Herwin will help to paint a picture of the challenges the aviation sector is facing in this important area.

Aviation New Zealand this week

Simon Wallace met with the team from the Airline Pilots’ Association (ALPA) this week to discuss their respective areas of work and where the two organisations may be support each other in the future.

The Committees of four divisions, the NZAAA, the AEANZ, the NZHA and the UAVNZ all met on Tuesday followed by the full Aviation New Zealand Council meeting on Wednesday. There are outcomes from these meetings that will be reported next week to members with UAVNZ below.

UAVNZ – AGM & Update

UAVNZ held its AGM on Tuesday 5th December 2023. For the first time in its history UAVNZ had more nominations than places availible. We are proud of the progress UAVNZ has made since 2015. This engagement demonstrates the growing maturity of the division.

UAVNZ would like to sincerely thank the efforts, dedication and voluntary time of two Executive Committee.

  • Rick Watson of Massey University stood down owing to work commitments. Thank you for your service to the sector and the wider aviation industry.
  • Josh Mulder of Aeronavics unfortunately was not voted to remain on the Executive Committee Thank you stepping up when another member left and and for your service to the sector and wider aviation industry.

We would like to take the opportunity to welcome back and welcome our new Executive Committee Members:

  • Murray Milne (Muzcam)
  • Colin Aitchison (Skyworks and Droneshows)
  • Dan Morton (Ferntech/DJI NZ)
  • Alice You (Droneshows)
  • Chris Robertson (FenixUAS).

We look forward to working with you.

Immediately following this UAVNZ held a short committee meeting and once again unanimously selected Chris Jackson (JacksonUAS and FenixUAS) as the Deputy Chair.

UAVNZ also reset it priorities for 2024. We have a busy year ahead on 2024 as more aircraft enter the market.

Recently Rotor Technologies in USA completed its testing on an Experimental Robinson R220Y which promises some impressive safety improvements. Read about it here

Watch this space as the future is fast approaching and UAVNZ will be there to help it integrate into New Zealand.

Savings in n3 continued

Aviation New Zealand is one of the many organisations in New Zealand that takes advantage of this great deal. Aviation New Zealand wants you to maximise your savings and recently the statistics of members not using n3 was staggering.

One of our Queenstown members saves over $3000.00 per year using n3. Imagine how you could put those savings to better use.

Torpedo 7 continues its deal until the 19th December 2023 offering up to 50% a huge range of gear.

Please take the time to sign up or update your companies account with n3. To do this please go to n3 website and fill in the form – its easy. Use your Aviation NZ website username as the member ID number.