Aviation New Zealand Newsletter 15 December, 2023

In This Newsletter:

  • District Plan Win
  • Conference 2024
  • Agricultural Aviation Association Demonstration Day
  • NZ Airline Academy wins at Indian Business Awards
  • Aviation Healthcare Behaviour – Survey
  • Briefing to Incoming Minister (BIM)
  • Lets stay safe out there
  • Last edition for 2023
  • Christmas AIP Update

District Plan Win

Our hard work has resulted in further success for agricultural aviation operators. 

The Mackenzie Proposed District Plan has been notified with agricultural aviation being a permitted activity for primary production and conservation activities. This adds to a growing list of successes that we have had on your behalf noting that non-members are also beneficiaries – you might like to ponder on that when you are having a beer with some of them over the festive season. There are still challenges for our sector and even bigger challenges for commercial operations where their story is much harder to tell – particularly Commercial helicopter activities. All operators benefit from the activities that we undertake on behalf of you. Thank you for the support you our valued members have given us and many thanks to Ballance Agri Nutrients for their ongoing support to help fund our activity on the agricultural space.

Conference 2024

We are pleased to confirm that next year’s Conference will return to Te Pae in Christchurch from 25 to 27 August. The feedback from this year’s Conference supported our decision to take the event back to Canterbury.

The team will begin working on the programme in January and we certainly welcome any input and idea from our members to help develop the content and other activity in and around the event.

The trade area will be expanded in 2024 to accommodate up to 32 exhibitors, compared to just 20 this year. While we are yet to finalise pricing, we welcome early expressions of interest from trade exhibitors which can be sent to Chief Executive Simon Wallace using our contact form.

You can expect to hear more from us in January about Conference.

Agricultural Aviation Association Demonstration Day

A great day was had by all attended an Aviation New Zealand organised demonstration day at Wyndon Aviation’s airstrip at Rolleston near Christchurch yesterday. The weather was on song with several aircraft spraying demonstrations and a ground demonstration of a spray nozzles.

It was an informative day attended by some key players in the industry, as well as a team from the CAA, the Ngai Tahu HASNO Komiti and the EPA. Participants received an update on the technical developments and capability of the agricultural aviation industry. This included onboard systems and technology, real-time processes used to assess and mitigate risks and data and information recording. 

Our thanks go to partners go to Skyfarmers Aviation, Helicopters South Canterbury, Southernwide Helicopters, Bayer NZ Limited, Amuri Helicopters and Wyndon Aviation for their support of the event. And thanks also to Tony Michelle, Executive Office of NZAAA, for his work in bringing everything together.

NZ Airline Academy wins at Indian Business Awards

Our congratulations go to Aviation New Zealand member, the NZ Airline Academy, based in Oamaru, who have won the Best Large Business Award at the recent Indian Business Awards (insert photo)

We are always keen to hear of successes from members so we can profile you to the sector, so please don’t hesitate to let us know if your business or any of your team have been rewarded for success

Aviation Healthcare Behaviour – Survey

Those of you who attended Conference in August will have heard the interesting presentation from Herwin Bongers, a 787 pilot for Air New Zealand. As part of his Master’s thesis at Massey University, Herwin is exploring the healthcare behaviours of licensed aviation personnel in New Zealand.

Herwin has asked Aviation New Zealand if we would socialise his work and seek the participation of members in his survey, which we are of course very happy to do.

The attached paper provides a QR code that you can scan to download the survey and we encourage our members, if they have time, to complete the survey which is open to the end of January. 

The health and wellbeing of not only pilots, but other aviation personnel, is a critical issue that we all need to talk more about and this work by Herwin will help to paint a picture of the challenges the aviation sector is facing in this important area.

In case you missed the Briefing to the Incoming Minister (BIM)

Aviation New Zealand has sent the BIM to new Ministers that have an interest in the success of the aviation industry. We are following up with meeting requests in the hope meetings can be confirmed in early 2024. Read it here

Lets stay safe out there

The period from now until Christmas has traditionally been a nemesis for us. I have personal experience losing a colleague on Christmas Eve doing the last load – tragically he went on holiday one load short of going home to enjoy Christmas with his family.

  • Be extra vigilant at this time of year.
  • Take time to think through what you are going to do today before you start work.
  • Take a break every two or three hours to refresh the mind and keep hydrated.
  • Don’t rush at your work in an effort to finish early.
  • Don’t let your mind go on holiday before you have finished for the year.
  • It is okay to leave the last five loads in the fertiliser bin or unmixed.

Often pressure is self-imposed rather than our perceived expectation of others.
You are not on holiday until the aircraft is safely parked in the hangar. Let’s make sure we all get to have a very Merry Christmas.
Bruce Peterson
Chairman NZAAA

Last edition for 2024

This is the final newsletter for 2024 as the team is taking a break and we will resume with a packed newsletter on 19 January. However, if there is critical news and information that we need to get to you, we will be in touch.

We will be monitoring emails, but if there is anything urgent, it is best to call our landline on 04 472 2707 where you can connect with our Executive Officers Tony Michelle and Richard Milner or Chief Executive Simon Wallace.  

Aviation New Zealand wishes all our members a Happy Christmas and New Year. Our Wellington office will close at midday on Friday 22 December and reopen on Wednesday 3 January.

Christmas AIP Update for 2023