Aviation New Zealand Newsletter 24 November, 2023

In This Newsletter:

  • Senior Person Workshop Sell Out
  • New Government and Cabinet line-up announced
  • Aviation NZ this week
  • In the news this week
  • Vietnam delegation
  • Upcoming Meetings for Divisions and Aviation NZ Council
  • Aviation Community Advisory Group (ACAG)
  • Membership Subs – Final Reminder

Senior Persons Workshop – SOLD OUT

The event in Taupo next Tuesday is sold out, so our apologies if you were not able to reserve a place but to maintain the quality of the event, it has been necessary to cap the numbers. The Aviation NZ team is looking forward to the workshop as well as meeting with members and non-members alike. 

We are encouraged by the industry support for the programme and plan to roll out further Senior Persons Workshops in 2024. We do need CAA personnel support, so we just need to work in with their team to lock in dates for next year. 

Tony, Richard and Simon will be in Taupo on Monday night and welcome the opportunity to meet with some of you over a drink that evening.  

Note: all payments for the Senior Persons’ workshop must be made no later than today.

New Government and Cabinet line-up announced.

Our congratulations go to Simeon Brown, the new Minister of Transport and Matt Doocey, who will be the Associate Minister of Transport. 

Ranked at number 5, Mr Brown will hold a senior role in Cabinet and at number 13, Matt Doocey will also be inside Cabinet. Judith Collins has been appointed as a new Minister of Space. 

Aviation New Zealand will send its Briefing to both Mr Brown and Mr Doocey next week as well as to other Ministers that have a stake in the success of the aviation sector. 

Once Opposition spokespeople are appointed to their roles, we will also be in touch with them.  

The full Cabinet line up can be read here Who are the new Cabinet ministers? Full list revealed in National-Act-NZ First Government – NZ Herald

Aviation NZ this week

Chief Executive Simon Wallace and Executive Officer Richard Milner visited Ardmore Flying School in Auckland and met with Irene King where aviation training issues were discussed.

The visit to Auckland was curtailed somewhat by the Wellington Airport disruptions but Simon is keen to get out with Richard and Tony Michelle in the New Year to meet with more members.

The UAVNZ Committee met on Tuesday night where key issues discussed included drone licensing and regulation, issues with operating in and around the DOC estate, as well as a wrap of their very successful Conference held a few weeks ago.

A meeting was held on Wednesday with Ringa Hora, the Workforce Development Council, to progress a proposal for the development of an information platform to evidence workforce requirements in the aviation sector and better understand future demand for pilots and other aviation roles. It will also take a detailed look at career pathways in aviation and the barriers that exist to entry. Aviation NZ sees this as a critical piece of work to provide the support and evidence needed to create a dynamic training sector for aviation.

In the news this week

There have been some interesting stories this week about the electrification of aviation https://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/green-travel/301011686/its-boom-times-for-startups-trying-to-electrify-aviation as well as this piece about Emirates use of SAF in their A380 fleet Why this short 37-minute A380 flight is a big milestone 

Aviation NZ in the news

Issues confronting the aviation sector in New Zealand appeared in this article by Simon Wallace, in Business View, a US publication. Read about it here

Vietnam delegation

The Aviation NZ delegation has been in Vietnam this week, going to both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. By all accounts, the visit has been successful. The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) regards the NZ licence very highly, likes the quality of training that we provide, and the calibre of NZ trained pilots. The CAAV has endorsed the collaboration that now exists between aviation training organisations in both countries suggesting more could occur. There are concerns around visa processing and in particular the time it takes for visas to be approved. Aviation NZ will be taking this matter up with Immigration NZ as a matter of urgency.

Pictured is the NZ delegation with Vietnam officials and the NZ Ambassador to Vietnam Tredene Dobson.

Upcoming meetings of the Aviation NZ Council, the NZAAA, NZHA and AEANZ

For the information of members, on the 5th December 2023 divisional meetings will take place ahead of the Aviation NZ council meeting on the 6th December in Wellington.

NZAAA and AEANZ will be meeting in Person please contact your respective divisions for location details.

NZHA be meeting virtually at 1630. UAVNZ will also be meeting virtually following their AGM at 1930.

UAVNZ Annual General Meeting

Save the Date: 05 December 2023

Time: 1930

Where: Virtually

We are now accepting nominations for the for five executive committee member positions that are up for election. A Deputy Chair will be appointed from among the executive committee at their first meeting, immediately following the AGM (currently held by Chris Jackson). 

Isaac Henderson (Chair), Chris Jackson, Dan Browne, Scott Spooner, and Cameron Baker were elected for two-year terms at the last AGM and will continue on the committee. 

The person nominated and the persons supporting the nomination must be financial members of Aviation NZ or UAVNZ (or work for companies that are financial members). People can self-nominate but will need a seconder. 

If there are more valid nominations than positions available, then a vote will be called at the AGM, and each nominee will have an opportunity to address the membership. 

Nomination forms can be downloaded here: 2023 Nomination Form

Once completed please return completed nominations by 12pm, Tuesday 05 December

If you have an queries please contact Richard Milner on +64 27 273 3784  

From our Executive Officer

UAVNZ Executive Committee are volunteers that all strive to create a better Uncrewed Aircraft Sector for all New Zealanders.

Step up today and volunteer your time and energy to help Uncrewed Aviation in New Zealand Flourish“.

Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 836 6462 0599 

Passcode: 150338 

Zoom Meeting Link: 


Aviation Community Advisory Group (ACAG)

A final reminder that nominations close for ACAG on Friday 1 December and can be made on the attached form. 

ACAG consists of twelve members drawn from across the wider aviation community to provide technical and strategic advice to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on issues arising within the aviation system.  ACAG’s members reflect the range of interests in the aviation community and facilitate the development of a cross-community view on issues.  The group has nine permanent members (representing air traffic control, airlines, pilots, engineers, airports, the aviation industry, general aviation, aircraft owners and operators) and three elected members. Each of the elected members serves a 3-year term.  The terms of all elected members have expired, and nominations are therefore being sought for these positions on ACAG.

If there are three or less candidates, there will be no election forum.  In this instance the three (or less) candidate will be confirmed as members of ACAG. 

If there are more than three candidates (this will be known after 1 December), the 2023 ACAG Election Forum will be held at The Bunker Room, Miramar Golf Club, Wellington International Airport on Thursday 14 December 2023 at 9:30am. To be eligible for election, candidates must be physically present at the Election Forum. To be eligible to vote, members of the aviation community must similarly be physically present at the Election Forum.  Voting will be by way of ballot.

A final reminder about membership subscriptions

For any members that don’t have a payment arrangement in place and are still to pay their subscriptions for the 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024 year, they will unfortunately be resigned on 30 November 2023.