Aircraft Engineering Assoc. NZ

Aircraft Engineering Association NZ

The Aircraft Engineering Association of NZ (AEANZ) is a division of AIANZ and represents aircraft engineering operations as well as other suppliers to the aviation industry. As with the other AIANZ divisions, the AEANZ is an advocate for matters that impacts engineering and supply operators. It liaises regularly with the CAA on regulatory matters that affects the members in its division, but it is also active in other areas including training and education.

In recent times, the AEANZ with the support of the AIANZ worked successfully to have aircraft and aeronautical engineers placed on the Immigration New Zealand (INZ) website, so that such international workers could easily enter the country and fill desperate gaps in this workforce.

The immigration area is just one example of where the AEANZ and the AIANZ work together and protect the interests of engineers and suppliers in the aviation industry. The members of this division are largely regulated under Part 145 of the Civil Aviation Act rules.  

The Chair of AEANZ is Don McCracken.