NZ Helicopter Association

NZ Helicopter Association

As with its counterpart, the NZHA promotes the interests of its members in addressing issues that threaten the operations of helicopters whether that use is for commercial or private means. The NZHA also fosters links with comparable organisations overseas and with military personnel engaged in the provision, deployment and/or servicing of helicopters. As noted, there are around 900 helicopters operating in New Zealand, one of the highest per capita concentrations of rotor wing aircraft in the world.

The NZHA is currently working closely with the NZAAA on submissions across the country to District and Regional Plans.

Membership of the NZHA is open to all commercial helicopter businesses as well as private and recreational operators.

Helicopters are regulated under Part 135 of the Civil Aviation Act rules.  

The Chair of the NZHA is Scott McKenzie and the Executive Officer is Richard Milner, a role he shares with UAVNZ.