Training & Development

Training and Development (T&D)

This division of the AIANZ provides leadership for operators that focus on training and development for the aviation industry. The T&D division encourages, promotes and protects the general development of the training and research in the sector as well as encouraging open, transparent and constructive relationships with other members in T&D, other members in the AIANZ, and also with educational bodies that have an interest in the success of the sector.

The T&D division provides information and advice to members on matters affecting training and development in the sector and acts as a strong advocate on matters that may be detrimental to the interest of training in aviation. This includes evidence-based lobbying to public agencies and politicians, for example, on matters relating to international students and visa, but also on policy settings for domestic students.  

The division works constructively with the AIANZ on a range of matters, including international trade work. In November of 2023, a delegation of AIANZ T&D members travelled to Vietnam with the support of Education NZ, to re-establish business opportunities for trainers in New Zealand, following the Covid pandemic. See media release here on Vietnam mission.

T&D operators are regulated under Part 141 of Civil Aviation Act rules.

The Chair of the T&D division is Jeremy Ford.