Operational division

Operational Division

The Operational Division represents the diverse interests of commercial fixed-wing operators, whether they are regular scheduled airlines providing services to, through and beyond New Zealand, or non-scheduled air transport or freight operators.

One of the original founding divisions of the AIANZ (along with the NZAAA), the Operational Division had its beginnings with the commencement of large-scale, regular, public air transport in New Zealand in 1949.

Since that date the division has vigorously promoted a very strong safety ethos, within the commercial air transport industry, participating in numerous government consultations and working parties.

It was instrumental in promoting the Swedavia McGregor Report, which formed the basis of the Civil Aviation Act 1990 and the accompanying new rules environment. Since then, it has worked collaboratively with various government agencies to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of the aviation system.

The division is strongly advocating for change and the protection of air transport reputation in some of the following areas, including the introduction of performance-based navigation and the development of a coherent air space plan reflecting technology, environmental and regulatory considerations, ongoing development of Just Culture and an IRD review of aircraft maintenance and overhaul provisions.

The members of this division are regulated under a range of Civil Aviation Act rules, including Parts 115, 121 and 125.

The Chair of Air Transport and Operations is Qwilton Biel.