Selwyn District Council Appeal – A win for the NZHA!

The New Zealand Helicopter Association (NZHA) is pleased to announce a breakthrough following its appeal against Selwyn District Council’s District Plan Rule GRUZ R28. After a constructive mediation session with the Council, NZHA has achieved a positive outcome that promises to benefit our members operating within the Selwyn District.

The successful resolution not only enhances the operational landscape for our members in Selwyn but also sets a precedent that could positively influence other district plans. NZHA acknowledges the Selwyn District Council’s openness to dialogue and their recognition of our industry expertise, which combined, has enabled this favourable outcome. NZHA will provide further details once the court has instructed the Council to update its district plan. Until that time, the exact details are confidential to the parties at mediation. We expect this process to take approximately three weeks.

The NZHA acknowledges the complexities involved in new District Plan rules, recognising the challenges faced by its members. To aid in this process, NZHA will be developing a comprehensive ‘cheat sheet’ for each district, providing essential guidelines for operations and contact information for obtaining assistance from the respective councils. This proactive initiative aims to streamline compliance efforts and facilitate smoother operations for helicopter operators. The Selwyn District Council has committed to reviewing the accuracy of the cheat sheets before its distribution to NZHA members.

The NZHA extends its appreciation to all those who contributed to this achievement. Special thanks to NZHA chair Scott McKenzie, the NZHA Committee, the NZAAA Executive Officer Tony Michelle, Lynette Wharfe of the AgriBusiness Group, Mark Reid, Independent Helicopters, and Simon Wallace and the team at AIANZ for their combined knowledge, support, and consultancy before and at the mediation. Finally, thanks to our NZHA and wider AIANZ members for their support and faith in us to deliver a positive outcome.

This collaborative effort underscores NZHA’s commitment to advocating for its members and driving positive change within the industry and demonstrates the advantages of membership with NZHA and AIANZ.

With this achievement, we look forward to continuing to strengthen our support for helicopter operators across New Zealand.

Richard Milner
NZHA Executive Officer