As a peak industry and member organisation, policy and advocacy are at the heart of what we do.

First and foremost, through a strong policy and evidence base, our role is to protect and advance the interests of our members who run aviation businesses. Whether it is supporting them with an issue they be having with the CAA, an immigration matter concerning a staff member or student, or working to ensure the sustainability of their operation via a local Council, these and more.

Developing policy positions grounded in a solid evidence base is fundamental to successful advocacy and lobbying. This is why all the submissions we prepare are well researched, consulted upon with members and the wider industry, and where possible include the most relevant and up to data and insight. AIANZ is taken seriously by policymakers because of the quality of the papers and submissions we present.

While preparing and lodging submissions is how we shine a light on our issues, we also use other means to ensure our voice is heard. We have good working relationships with officials in the agencies that have a stake in the success of our industry. We have the ear of politicians and when required to bring urgency to a matter, the AIANZ will use media to get its point across.  

All media enquiries on AIANZ’s policy and advocacy work should be referred to Chief Executive Simon Wallace using our contact form or call 0274 607 701.