What we’re working on

At any one time, we can be working to progress a range of issues affecting members across all our divisions.

In 2024, AIANZ will be engaged with a range of parties around the implementation of the 2023 Civil Aviation Act that comes into force on 5 April 2025. There are five key Act areas to which we will be taking a strong interest. They are:

  1. Drug and alcohol management
  2. Aviation safety.
  3. Aviation security.
  4. Legislation and governance.
  5. Civil aviation rules alignment.

Other areas of focus in 2024 include, but are not limited to:

  • Funding Model Review for CAA and the Aviation Security Service (AVSEC). With these agencies relying on a user pays system funded from industry, it is crucial AIANZ is consulted and included.
  • Operational efficiency issues, especially as they relate to CAA’s processing of Operations Specifications are causing financial strain for our membership.
  • The pilot, engineer and general aviation labour shortage needs constant attention. Flexible immigration settings are needed to attract overseas but there also needs to be a rethink of NZ based training and the current incentives in place to get Kiwis into the aviation industry.
  • District and Regional Plans are a strategic focus for AIANZ, especially in the NZAAA and NZHA area. Please refer to District and Regional Plans in this section of the website for more details.

On an ongoing basis, AIANZ will always be responding on a reactive basis to consultations that come from Government or Parliament on matters that impact our membership. We will frequently make submissions to Parliament’s Transport and Industrial Relations Committee to ensure our voice is heard.