safety Manager’s workshop

Join us for a transformative experience at the Safety Managers Workshop: Enhancing Safety through Peer Support Networks.

AIANZ Annual Conference 2024

Te Pae Convention Centre, Christchurch

27 August 2024, 09:00 – 16:45

This workshop is designed to empower Safety Managers with the knowledge and tools needed to foster a culture of safety through peer collaboration and shared experiences.

Immerse yourself in an interactive learning environment tailored specifically for Safety Managers. Explore the benefits of peer support networks in enhancing safety practices within your organization and across the aviation industry. Gain insights from industry experts and peers, and discover practical strategies to improve safety audit, investigation, and risk management processes.

Don’t miss this opportunity to strengthen your safety management skills, expand your professional network, and contribute to the advancement of aviation safety. Register now and secure your place at this essential workshop.

Please note: Booking for the conference alone does not include admission to the workshop. To attend the Safety Manager’s Workshop, you must purchase an individual ticket separately.

Why Attend?

Interactive Learning Experience

  • Participate in an engaging workshop designed specifically for Safety Managers.
  • Foster safety enhancement through the development of peer support networks.

Peer Support Networks

  • Gain a deeper understanding of commonality in challenges as a Safety Manager.
  • Effectively share safety information with peers, experienced industry participants, and key Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) staff.

Shared Experiences and Expert Insights

  • Learn from the shared experiences of your peers and seasoned professionals.
  • Benefit from the knowledge and insights of key CAA staff members.

Safety Enhancement

  • Understand how forming and participating in peer support networks can significantly enhance safety within your organisation and the wider aviation sector.
  • Enhance audit, investigation, and risk processes with a focus on human performance.

Workshop Topics

  • Human Performance in Safety

    Enhance audit, investigation, and risk processes to reflect human performance.
    Incorporate human performance assurance into audit functions.
    Guidance for reviewing human aspects of investigations.
    Address human performance risk within the risk system.

  • Peer Support Networks

    Discuss the purpose and structure of Peer Support Groups.
    Collate main themes and engage in an open forum discussion.
    Explore CAA collaboration and support.
    Share and communicate information between groups.
    Discuss potential new groups based on geographic locations.

  • Practical Applications

    Learn about human factors in aviation accidents and incidents
    Participate in the Incident Review Meeting.
    Apply learned principles to real-world scenarios.

Workshop Activities

Scene Setting: Insights from the “Top of the South” experiences.

Key Workshop Question: How much structure is too much? What would you want from involvement in a group like this?

Q&A and Wrap Up: Address any questions and summarise key takeaways.


Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enhance your safety management skills, expand your professional network, and contribute to the overall safety of the aviation sector. Join us at the Safety Managers Workshop and become a part of a supportive community dedicated to excellence in safety.

Register Now to secure your spot and take the next step in advancing safety within your organisation and beyond.

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