Total Aviation Quality workshop

Threat and Error Management and CRM for Low Level Crews in the Wire and Obstruction Environment

Held in conjunction with the AIANZ Annual Conference 2024, Christchurch, 25 August 2024

Threat and error management [TEM] and crew resource management [CRM] in
low level operations provides both pilots and crews with the skills and knowledge
to actively manage the hazards encountered in the low-level wire and obstruction-rich environment.

It is not risk aversion. It allows crews to operate safely and effectively as a team at
low level.

Course material is drawn from many hundreds of highly experienced pilots and
crewmen who have attended this training and have shared their personal
knowledge and experience

A brief overview of the topics covered during the course are:

  • Why this training is so critical to low-level crews.
  • The absolute importance of non-flying crewmembers to know they are part of
    the team and contribute not only to the task but also to the flight.
  • The specialist dynamics of CRM between a single pilot and their non-flying
    crewmembers when flying low-level energy and aerial-work type operations
  • The elements crucial to effective low-level CRM:
    Situational awareness
  • Understanding limitations (in ourselves and in others)
  • What is Single Pilot Resource Management?
  • Understanding and managing your exposure to threats and errors in the environment.
  • Understanding accident causation.
  • An overview of the role of human factors in helicopter accidents.
  • Breaking the error chain.
  • Decision-making bias.
  • The normalisation of deviance.
  • How to predict the hazards – before you see them.
  • Knowing where the wire environment is.
  • Limitations that work against us in this environment.
  • Energy systems and what they tell us.
  • Other hazards and illusions affecting safe low-level operations.

The training is presented over a full day.


Sunday August 25th 2024

Venue TBA

Course time: 0845 – 1500

Lunch, course notes and attendance certificate provided.

Cost $480 +GST pp (discount offered for 4 or more registrations)

Evidence of attendance at this course satisfies a number of contract requirements for agencies both in NZ and in Australia (including fires).

Following the 2023 course AAAA, confirm the course is approved for the AAAA Professional Pilots Program. Attendees can claim 2 points for each attendance.

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